Heather Hudson

Heather Hudson, Bookkeeping Manager


Friendly and personable, Heather brings amazing energy and an eye for detail to her duties as Bookkeeping Manager at Jack Trent & Co. With over 20 years experience in accounting and taxation, she can confidently help clients with their bookkeeping and tax needs.


Heald College, School of Bookkeeping


American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

Q & A

What is your story?
I have thousands of hours of experience in tax prep and continuing education for bookkeeping. It all started when I was 12 years old. My dad had an audit and along with him, his CPA and my grandma, we got all the paperwork organized. I loved the challenge of putting “the puzzle” together and recreating experiences from his business with the numbers. My dad helped me understand the best tax strategies when it comes to owning a business and how reduce business liabilities. It made sense to me when I was 12 and it still makes sense to me now.

What drove you to come to work for Jack Trent & Co?
I joined Jack Trent & Company as a Bookkeeping Manager and have been working to assist small-to-medium business and individuals with their tax and accounting needs. Before joining the team, I worked for several years as a tax office manager providing bookkeeping and tax help to small businesses. As a Bookkeeping Manager, I know I am in a place where I can grow professionally and continue to develop my skills in management as well as bookkeeping.

What daily task is your strength?
I am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and an expert bookkeeper.

How do you hope to impact clients?
I work to prepare individual and corporate tax returns to create a cohesive narrative to our clients’ tax story.