John Garatea

Jack Trent
July 31, 2018
Michael McMullin
July 31, 2018

John Garatea, Staff Accountant


With a background in landscaping, John understands the complexity of the issues facing the small business owner such as cash flow, budgeting and financial reporting. He brings with him a wealth of working knowlege from the landscaping industry which translates well into other markets as he relates with small business owners and individuals, too.


Boise State University

  • History
  • Spanish

College of Western Idaho

  • Accounting

Q & A

What brought you to Jack Trent & Co.?
I was born in the Basque country in Spain and raised in Rupert, ID. While in school, I worked for a landscaping company and really enjoyed it. In a sense I fell into a landscaping career. As I worked in the industry for 18 years, I noticed that my favorite part of the job was the accounting side, such as budgeting and financial reporting. Therefore, I decided to go back to school to get my Associate’s Degree in Accounting. Luckily, I was fortunate to obtain a job with the great company that is Jack Trent & Company.

Who are you when you are not working?
I would say I am a husband that enjoys to tinker around the house and garden. My wife and I enjoy traveling and especially like paddle boarding. When not at home, you will find us on one of the local ponds or lakes.

How do the numbers you uncover tell a client’s story?
As an experienced controller with advanced education, I can see situations play out and I can provide guidance and direction. I encourage clients to tackle tax issues head on and work through cash flow issues, personnel and reporting issues. Mountains were made to be climbed, not surrendered to.

What is the Button-Down Sweater Approach to accounting?
Working with clients is exciting because their successes can be seen through the numbers of a solid Balance Sheet and a positive Profit and Loss Statement. The numbers also help us to advise a client when trouble may be on the horizon, and how to turn things around. The numbers never lie.