Five Key Advisory Services from Jack Trent

In the financial industry, you see all kinds of things. We know that all CPA firms are not created equal – but you have to look into how companies actually work to really see this first-hand. 


Some companies really effectively handle a wide range of services to help clients plan financially, and some companies seem a little more fly-by-night or not up to the challenge of doing more extensive advisory work.


Our track record in the Boise area speaks for itself. Here are five services that we routinely offer to clients.


Financial Statement Compilation


Sometimes the challenges that you face in financial work involve ‘showing your work,’ and revealing your financial history to auditors or other outsiders. When demonstrating your financial solvency and more, your method makes a big difference. 


We help put together the aggregated financial statements that support demonstrated success and compliance for your personal or business operations.


Business Valuation


What is your business worth? The answer has to do with market mechanics and finance metrics, but it also has to do with sweat equity and how you feel about selling. We are here to help you move forward on a confident basis, by offering the kinds of specialized analysis that support an accurate business valuation and help stakeholders to have a better picture of what something is worth. 


Financial Negotiations


Along with the above type of advisory service, we offer help with financial negotiations. Sometimes being able to offer tangible financial data to a counterparty makes all the difference when it comes to putting together a successful deal. We’re in your corner, working for you.


Mergers and Acquisitions


When the big fish swallows the little fish – or in the business world, when any kind of merger or acquisition occurs, professional acumen is important. This is another type of key advisory service that we really excel at when helping clients to move forward. We make sure to cover all of the bases in evaluating M&A deals and aspects of mergers and acquisitions to keep everything transparent and above-board, and to ensure an equitable result. 


Business Succession


Maybe you’re keeping it in the family, but you have questions about generational transfer. We can help there, too. Our experience in all kinds of business handoffs, including business succession plans, make us a valuable presence in the Boise Idaho community, and in Chandler, AZ where we also maintain a local office. Let us help you to plan your future and manage your money well, and to keep a detailed ledger that will satisfy any outside requests for clear information.